Memphis Capernaum

658 Colonial Rd
Memphis, TN 38117

Who We Are

Capernaum at a Glance


Young Life Capernaum begins

Young Life Capernaum gives young people with intellectual and developmental disabilities the chance to experience fun and adventure, to develop fulfilling friendships and to challenge their limits while building self-esteem through club, camp and other exciting activities.


Experience a sense of belonging

"At Young Life Capernaum my child experiences a deep feeling of belonging. He commonly says, 'These are my people.'"​ - a parent


young people with disabilities reached by Young Life staff and leaders

We move through barriers that can accompany having disabilities, inviting people of all abilities to experience Young Life and be transformed by God's love.


KIDS involved with Capernaum ministries WEEKLY

Capernaum was started in 1986 as an outreach of Young Life to teens and young adults with disabilities. Since then, Young Life leaders have walked with kids and earned the right to be heard in an exhausting and exciting world.


Susan Rice
Area Director
Micaela Otal
Mission staff
Olivia Roop
Mission Staff
Janna Torres

You Were Made for this

Your story matters, and it can make a difference beyond what you imagine.

Volunteer your time to work directly with young people.

Support the staff and leaders as part of the local adult committee.

Give resources to start or sustain the financial foundation at the local or national level.

The involvement of people like you is vital to healthy, sustainable, quality youth work in your area and across our nations.
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